LionFish is not a traditional litigation funder. We move quickly. We offer intelligent pricing. We deliver relevant solutions to clients.

The litigation funding market has grown enormously over the last decade, but it hasn’t truly evolved beyond simple growth. The market is slow and defined more by the investment mandates fund managers run, than the importance of being relevant. Instead of selling products, we want to deliver solutions to users, quickly and efficiently, with sensible risk-adjusted pricing that is aligned with clients.

Being a corporate, we also value operational efficiency. That means for the market, we are faster, more nimble and relevant, and not afraid to reject deals quickly, so as not to waste anyone’s time.

We define goals not by deployment rates and types of cases, but by the value it delivers to both us as a business and our clients. Structurally, we are not a fund management business managing third party money within the limitations and restrictions of an investment mandate like most other funders. That means we can focus on financing good commercial litigation risks in a way that actually meets the needs of the client, whether they are in a straightforward mid-value claim in E&W, or a complex, specialist high value multi-jurisdictional claim.

What sets us apart

Who we are

LionFish is no different. LionFish is a subsidiary of RBG Holdings plc (formerly Rosenblatt Group plc), which started life as a City of London law firm in 1989. Rosenblatt has built its success and longevity on its reputation for the highest standards and the commercial solutions it has consistently delivered for the benefit of its client. These values and ethos form the spine of all RBG businesses.

The market

The litigation funding market has grown significantly in the last two decades, but growth has not led to true evolution and innovation yet. The market is still young and is just starting its next phase of real growth, where clients stop fitting products and instead start getting solutions.

Our solution

LionFish brings together all the ingredients required to lead from the front – the entrepreneurial spirit and financial expertise of the management; the powerful support and heritage of a long-standing law firm; and the corporate and operational support of an established professional services group.

Infrastructure and Strength

We have the operational, corporate and financial support of a robust professional services company, allowing us to focus on serving you.

Speed and Efficiency

In law, time is money. In business, time is a cost. Often confused in litigation funding, we move quickly and efficiently to save you costs.