We look for good risks, not ways to sell our products. We listen to our clients needs, not tell them what we need. We don’t think multiples to maximise our deal returns with no regard to our clients, but in terms of risk-adjusted returns that are fair and reasonable. We don’t serve institutional investors whose interests are not aligned to those of our clients.

We focus on adding value to our clients of today for their business of tomorrow. 

LionFish combines entrepreneurial and financial engineering expertise, with the legal knowledge and heritage of a long-established successful litigation firm.

Think Outside the Box

We don’t sell products but we find solutions. Litigation is unique and the best solutions for claimants never start with a product.

Act Without Restriction

We don’t fund cases to restrictive parameters set by institutional investors, we make our own decisions on what to finance.

Infrastructure and Strength

We have the operational, corporate and financial support of a robust professional services company, allowing us to focus on serving you.

Speed and Efficiency

In law, time is money. In business, time is a cost. Often confused in litigation funding, we move quickly and efficiently to save you costs.