We move quickly. We offer intelligent pricing. We deliver relevant solutions.

Because we are not constrained by restrictive investment mandates of institutional investors that characterises the market, we can focus on structuring the right solution, not selling our “product”. With the corporate, operational and financial support of a listed professional services firm, we focus on delivering it quickly. 

Whether it’s a mid-value claim in England & Wales, a high value investor-state arbitration or a large-scale group litigation, we deliver financing solutions for any meritorious litigation risk.

Single Case Litigation Funding

Where it all started – LionFish will provide non-recourse financing for all the costs associated with a single litigation case. Costs include solicitor’s fees, barrister’s fees and disbursements, including experts and court fees.

But we go beyond the well-trodden but rigid “share of the award” model. That may suit some cases, but we also provide pricing structures de-linked from the award amount by way of interest-based, time-linked cost of capital models – which provide significant advantages to the litigant.

We do not have a product, just solutions which are cheaper, more efficient and delivered quickly.

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Insolvency Litigation Financing and Assignments

The market for financing or taking assignments over insolvency claims is well-established, but it is in need of cheaper, faster and more flexible solutions than is currently available.

ISLERO is LionFish’s suite of financing solutions for insolvency claims in the UK, increasing the breadth of solutions available to Insolvency Practitioners and Solicitors. Rather than focusing on identifying insolvency claims, which fit a one-dimensional “share of the recoveries” model, LionFish will structure financing solutions that allow IPs to deliver the best possible outcome for their creditors.

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Law Firm Cashflow Solutions

LionFish will provide non-recourse financing against the incurred costs on a CFA or DBA for individual commercial litigation cases.

Often confused with portfolio funding and law firm facilities, we keep things simple. That means no over-charging on clunky portfolio risks and no waiting to line up the appropriate number of portfolio cases.

This nimbleness, combined with pricing de-linked to the award of the case, allows us to provide efficient capital-releasing financing quickly.

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Corporate Solutions for Litigation Risks

LionFish will provide non-recourse financing solutions to corporates so they can treat meritorious claims as assets that enhance their balance sheets and cashflows.

Chief Financial Officers and Finance Directors think in finance terms, where assets are financed on an interest rate basis. Instead of the clunky “share of the award” model which is more akin to Series A venture capital financing, LionFish can also engineer financing solutions with interest-based, time-linked pricing structures which better fit the financial profile of corporates.

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Discrete Litigation Financing

Whether it be discrete disbursements that arise from already existing cases, an indemnity deed fee for an ATE insurer or a security for costs order, LionFish can provide solutions which fit the needs of the case.

In particular, we do not have institutional investors setting deployment targets that can often discourage funders from allowing their clients to use cheaper, more suitable financing solutions throughout the course of proceedings.

Much like the capital structure of a company, different parts of any litigation carry different risks which change over time. LionFish will finance alongside, or behind, other funders and offers solutions which price to the risk, not to the arbitrary hurdles set by institutional investors.

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Financing Judgment Recoveries

Litigation does not always finish with a win. Enforcing a judgment to recover the awarded amount can be a costly exercise that requires additional financing, whether it be the costs of legal action, asset tracing or enforcement itself.

LionFish will provide non-recourse financing to suit the needs of the recovery process, typically on an interest-based, time-linked pricing structure, which better fits the different risk profile from a regular litigation case.

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Barrister Funding

Much like law firms, chambers are commercialising beyond being just an office used by a barrister. They are increasingly business-minded, run and developed by commercially minded clerks.

Barristers take on increasing amounts of litigation risk and are now more sensitive than ever before to the cashflow of income. We have litigation finance solutions that absorb the litigation risk and smooth cashflows so that barristers can do what they do best without distraction.

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